hat   is Empower U? We created this experience to give you the tools you need to strengthen your understanding of:
Who are you? What do you want? And what makes you happy? Three key questions that will provide you with the blueprint or framework of the life you want to create. We will help you uncover who you are with fun experiences and advanced, yet simple lessons, as you delve into your own journey and learn what it means to consciously create your own future. We were all handed a set of beliefs from our environments, families, traditions, and careers. Thought in Motion can help you slow down and determine whether or not these beliefs vibrate to the same logic of your inner dreams. If they do…. KEEP THEM! If you have areas in your life that still need some attention, you are in the right place. It may be the perfect time to let go of some old beliefs and create some profound new ones.

Empower U is designed to do just that. To Empower YOU to become the best version of yourself, to free yourself from the prison of beliefs that has kept away the love of your life, the career of your dreams, the travel you have always wanted, the home you have always desired to live in, or the life you just didn’t think was possible. This is your reality, your movie, your dream, your story, your symphony, your art work… Let us help you make it come to life!

Your monthly membership to Empower U will provide you with weekly lessons that you can apply to any aspect of your life. They are fun, exciting, and designed to help anyone and everyone learn how to consciously become the creator of their own world. Empower U offers you convenient availability where you are in control and able to learn and grow whenever and wherever it works for you. You will be asked to be accountable. Not to us, but to you!! Along with your monthly membership, you also will receive daily emails to keep you on track, and fun surprises along the way! We are honored to join you in this fun game called life.

Where do you focus your thoughts? Can you answer that with clarity? Are you able to identify when your thoughts and your emotions start to get blurred? You will never arrive home and act surprised that you are there, nor call someone on a cell phone and be shocked they answer. It’s amazing how we surprise ourselves by thinking and focusing on the wrong “place” and question how we got there…

Creating your life in the magic of the now is very similar. We will teach you Thought to Conclusion™ through lessons and tools that assist you in focusing on your objectives throughout your journey.


Life is a series of choices and you get to choose the outcome. Every second creates and opportunity for you to understand who you are and how you feel. Which door are you entering, a negative or positive one? The possibilities are much less enjoyable if you keep opening the doors to your fears, your pain, or your anger. We will teach you the importance of the now and how to recognize which door you are opening.
A positive door will equal a positive outcome.


Do you ever ask yourself some important questions such as: Who are you? What makes you truly happy? What gets you up in the morning? To truly find peace of mind, is to be able to understand what you need, and what makes you feel complete and happy. What better way to live then to make the highest choices that support your inner wisdom?

Your mind is conditioned to follow icons that give you direction. You don’t question that a stop sign tells you to stop, a green light tells you to go, a drive through indicates fast service, and a light switch shows you where to turn the light on. It is the “knowing” behind the ICON. To help understand how form becomes your reality, we defined our own icons to inspire you in creating the life you desire. We will educate and inspire you through imagery and icons how to reform your life and make it fun! We believe that life is created by choice, you choose which icons resonate with you, you choose what represents your creations and you choose to do the work to make it happen. Our only mission is to inspire you to find what inspires you!